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Our main activity

- organization of land, air and maritime transport

- organizing transport of complete, partial and groupage shipments, ADR shipments, special transports, customs goods, all types of waste

- the organization of services around the world, especially good cover EU countries, the Balkan countries, as well as transport in Slovenia

- addition of transport we can also organize the custom clearance of goods and intervene with other business services


Our advantages

- many years of experience in the organization of transport

- professional and reliable work

- good prices 

- because we are small it is easier to establish a genuine and friendly contact with each client, help influence the accuracy and reliability of delivery

- cargo and the driver is monitored from start to finish the way and  we keep   you informed about the progress of the transport

- still we are all informed about current events daily, so you can be in any situation, whoever comes to the rescue

- for you we are available 24 hours a day

- each of our client we treat personally and it promptly adapted

- we constantly being adapted to the current situation on the market

- problems we resolve complaints promptly and provide you with  quick and professional help

- each of our cargo-carriers has  his cargo  insurance , we also have our own  further forwarding insurance

Our points, plans and vision

- the satisfaction of our customers is with us in the first place

- we offer you good professional work and good prices

- we build on the positive and trustworthy relations with all our business partners

- we bild also long-term and new business partnerships

- we are constantly looking for new business opportunities and do not neglect existing

- our goal is also knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff

- we built on employee satisfaction and friendly working environment

- we insist on continuing professional education and communicating with the innovations in our field of work of all employees


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